Recent Calls
Thu. Sep 3rd 2015
Units from 21 and 65 responded to College Ave and Chesterfield Drive for a single vehicle accident into the guardrail. Captain 21 was on scene first, called in accident, and assumed command while ass...
Fri. Nov 29th 2013
At 20:58 hours, Grapeville Rescue 21 responded along with Rescue 65 North Hempfield and Rescue 112 Jeannette. Chief 21 arrived on scene and accessed the scene confirming vehicle approximate 80 feet o...
Wed. Jun 26th 2013
Grapeville VFC responded to Mt Thor Road to checkout a tree on wires in area of 415 Mt Thor Road, i was a tree on cable line cable notified of situation
Wed. Jun 26th 2013
Grapeville Fireman assisted High PArk at 1038 hours this morning picking up staging at Subway.
Wed. Jun 26th 2013
Grapeville fire Chief and North Hempfield fire Chief handled clearing the roadway of a down tree blocking Oakford Park Roadway area of 126 Oakford Park Road.

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